A Double Hipped Lean-To conservatory offers an economic, simple and luxurious link between your house and garden. Stylish and cost-effective, the Double Hipped Lean-To conservatory makes the best possible use of your available space, while providing a light and airy room for you and your family to enjoy all year round.

Designed to run across the back of your home, our Double Hipped Lean-To conservatory creates a contemporary, clean and luxurious link between your house and garden at an affordable price making it a very practical and economical solution. You’ll maximize space and get the most from your home improvement budget.

All our conservatories are built with energy-efficiency in mind using the very latest uPVC and glazing technologies.

Unlike windows where keeping heat in is usually the priority, with conservatories, solar gain is normally undesirable so we usually fit units that stop heat passing in either direction. The sun’s heat stays out in summer while precious indoor heat stays in during winter.

Building work of any kind can be a daunting process. Custom Glaze is the hassle-free way to achieve the conservatory you want. We will manage your project and keep you informed at every stage, providing a seamless process from your original enquiry, through to final installation and certification.

How much does a conservatory cost?

Conservatory prices can vary depending on a wide range of factors including size, style and finishes. Also deciding whether to have Glass, Dwarf, Full Height or a mixture for the conservatory walls will either make the conservatory price go up or down. We always recommend you visit our Milton Keynes showroom to see our conservatory examples and estimates, however we can give you a guide indication of cost, just click on the “Get an Online Quote” tab below.

Do I need planning permission?

Generally conservatories are seen as a permitted development by Building Regulations in most cases, however it does depend on what type of conservatory you want and the type house it will be added to. There is many reasons why you may need it (Listed Property / Conservation Area), if you do require planning permission, we’ll handle it all on your behalf for you.

You do not need planning permission if you meet the following requirements:

  • The construction does not cover more than 50% of the size of the existing house
  • It does not include any balconies, verandas or raised platforms
  • It won’t be any higher than the highest part of the existing roof
  • It won’t be more than 4m high
  • It does not obstruct a public road
  • No more than half the area of land around the original house would be covered by additions or other buildings
    Single-storey rear extensions do not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 3m if an attached house, or by 4m if a detached house

Will you help with the design process?

Yes, we will do all the design work for you.

What are the steps to my new conservatory?

  • Free No Obligation Quote – We can even show you what your conservatory will look like on your home.
  • Custom Glaze carry out a detailed survey – The surveyor will address any questions you have.
  • We lay the foundations and build your conservatoryView the step by step building works here (Opens New Window).

After installation we issue you your warranty and any certifications you may need.

Can you install a conservatory to a Bungalow?

Yes, a low pitch roof can be supplied to overcome the height restriction problem, and depending on which conservatory style you choose, a hipped-back roof with a box gutter can be added to secure a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory style.

So you have decided on a style? You will now need to choose a conservatory roof type. Custom Glaze offer a wide range of roofing types, each with their own benefits. We recommend you visit our Milton Keynes showroom to see examples (no appointment needed), or view all conservatory roof types.

If you already know or have the roof type in mind please click the “Finishes and Colours” tab.

So you know what roof type you want? You will now need to choose between the classically elegant Sculptured frame finish or the clean lines of Chamfered. Our frames come in a range of standard colour finishes or you can choose a special colour option where the only limit is your imagination! Check out all our colours and finishes by clicking here.

If you also know what colour and finish you want, just click the “Get an Online Quote” tab.

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Not What You’re Looking For?

You could try some of these other alternative conservatory styles we offer, or to view all styles, click here.

Hipped Lean-To

A variation of the typical lean-to design, which provide a more aesthetically pleasing look to the conservatory. The roof is divided into a main front section and a side section.

Gable Front

A high roof slope and the same floor space as a Georgian. The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre as on a Edwardian.

L, P or T Shape

The L, P & T shapes take their name from the plan view of each design. Ideal for larger conservatories, a P-shape can combine for example a lean-to and a Edwardian. The styles are better suited to larger properties.