Simple to fit and discreet in appearance, secondary glazing offers superb benefits to property owners, particularly those in need of some peace and quiet.

From noisy roads to noisy kids, our secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 80% (54dB), but the benefits don’t stop there. Draughts are eliminated, condensation is reduced and window security is enhanced simply by fitting an additional window on the room-side of your existing windows.

At Custom Glaze, we have direct access to the entire range of Granada Secondary Glazing products and can provide solutions to suit any style of period property.

Benefits Include:

Quieter: Our windows have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise levels by up to 54dB.

Warmer: Granada Secondary Glazing products can eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss by up to 65%.

Safer: Tough aluminium frames are securely fixed, making them extremely difficult to open from the outside. Our windows can be retrofitted to virtually any building and window type, with little mess or intrusion.

Appearance: Approved for conservation areas and Grade II listed buildings.

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is another window fitted on the inside of your existing window, our system is aluminium with a hardwood sub-frame.

Will adding secondary glazing eliminate draughts?

Yes, it certainly can do, however we recommend that you draught proof the existing window as well.

What does "face fixing" mean?

This phrase refers to the way in which the secondary glazing is fitted. To face fix secondary glazing means to simply mount it directly onto the inside face of the existing windows.

What does "reveal fixing" mean?

To reveal fix secondary glazing is to fix it through the sides of the frame into the interior wall on either side of the existing window, or window reveal. By fixing it to the side face of the wall that lies between the existing window frame and the inner wall, you can maximise the air gap between your windows and the secondary glazing.

So you know what window type you want? You now need to choose between our classically elegant Sculptured frame finish or the clean lines of Chamfered. Our frames come in a range of standard colour finishes or you can choose a special colour option where the only limit is your imagination! Check out all our colours and finishes by clicking here.

If you know what style, colour and finish you want, we always recommend visiting our Milton Keynes Showroom to take a look at the products we offer. Alternatively just click the “Get an Online Quote” or “Request Home Visit” tab.

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