Well, he does have to land on quite a few every year so he’s probably seen more roofs than the rest of us put together! That said he’s had to cope with a lot of changes over the years and most roofs these days don’t provide the soft landing he and his reindeer would hope for!

So where did it all begin? Well, there has always been a need for shelter and protection from the elements and throughout time, roofs have been made from the resources available. Cavemen covered their structures with sod roofs made from earth and plants which, in fact, were pretty good when it came to insulation but not for keeping out water and vermin!

Since that time, the material and methods for roofing has undergone many developments – from glazed clay in China 5,000 years ago, thatched roofs around 735AD to today where technological advances have seen the emergence of glass, polymer and even smog absorbing tiles for those inner city properties!

Using living plants as roofing material has made a bit of a recent comeback as we become more environmentally aware, but for most of us it is simply not practical to have a garden on the roof! However, that doesn’t mean that we ignore the environmental impact when it comes to choosing a roof for our conservatory or other living space.

At Custom Glaze we care about our environment and offer a range of roofing options that meet the very latest regulations in energy efficiency. The type of roof you choose for your room is very much down to personal choice and the budget available, but selecting the right one isn’t always easy so we’ve explained a bit more here ….

Solid Roof
A solid roof gives you the feel of a traditionally built extension so if that’s the look you’re after then it’s a good choice. Of course, it doesn’t bring in as much light as a glass roof but it does mean that you can seamlessly blend the room into the rest of the house by matching the brickwork, roof tile colours and even the roof pitch! This type of room is ideal for use as an office, playroom or for hobbies, for example, where controlling the light levels is an important consideration.

Glass Roof
This style of roof gives the illusion of extra space and helps to “bring the outside in” creating a naturally lit and bright living space. Glass is also energy efficient, retaining heat in the winter to help keep you warm. But what about the warm summer months? Will it get too hot? Not necessarily. With addition of solar control you can keep your room at an ambient temperature so you can use it all year round. If that’s not enough, the self-cleaning glass means there’s no hard work in keeping it looking good! So if it’s the feel of sitting in the great outdoors that you’re after but with creature comforts, then this is a great choice!

Polycarbonate Roof
We have all probably seen really old conservatories with corrugated plastic roofs that have turned green with algae or brittle and cracked. Well, no more! The latest in polycarbonate roofing technology offers a lower-cost alternative to a glass roof, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inferior choice. In fact it might surprise you to know that polycarbonate is up to 200 times stronger than glass so it’s almost shatterproof! Although a polycarbonate roof lacks the natural insulation of glass, you can opt for Heatguard/Solar Control which is a state-of-the-art polycarbonate providing enhanced thermal control all year round.

LivinRoof and UltraRoof
Both of these roofing options truly offer the WOW! Factor! We’ve talked about glass, tiled and polycarbonate roofs so how about a bit of pick ‘n’ mix? Well, this exciting development in roofing technology means you can have a bit of each ….. solid and glass all in one roof! You can choose where you want the glass panels to be and how many and not only that, there is a range of fabulous internal finishes that will make your room look amazing. Such is the versatility of this roofing option that it is a perfect choice when it comes to kitchen extensions or for use as a dining room, for example. Truly a room to impress your friends!

…… and finally …(nearly)

You’ve probably realised that choosing a roof is quite an involved decision but first and foremost, think about how you want to use the room and where the room is situated in relation to the sun, other buildings or trees. If you do that, then you’ll be drawn towards the best option for you.

….. finally (definitely!)

Father Christmas has landed on many a roof and we’re sure he breathes a sigh of relief when he sees that it’s a Custom Glaze roof!