Why energy performance matters when choosing new windows

Why insist on BFRC energy rated windows and doors?

When choosing energy efficient windows or doors for your home you can see how they’ll look but not how they will perform. That’s why it is crucial to check your installer will use BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) rated products. This will help you make a fully informed choice about what energy performance rating – from A++ to C – is right for your specific installation.

When your windows are fitted, the rainbow rating label will prove they will perform as promised. The rating is based on how many kilowatt hours of energy you will lose or gain per square metre of glass per year and takes into account thermal transmittance (heat loss), air leakage (draughts) and solar gain (energy from the sun). You gain when the window harnesses more heat from the sun through a year than it loses. If you gain more energy than you lose the windows will be A, A+ or A++ rated (depending on how much free energy you gain). If you lose energy through your windows they will be rated B, C, D or E.

Reduce energy bills

Installing BFRC rated energy efficient windows and doors will save you money on your energy bills. Citizens Advice calculated that energy price increases were eight times higher than rises in average earnings from October 2010 to November 2013. Many experts predict the cost of heating homes will continue to rise. The better the energy rating the more you will save. At Custom Glaze our uPVC double glazed windows are A+ rated as standard.

Cut carbon emissions

Being able to reduce our energy bills and reduce the carbon emissions from our homes by making them more energy efficient is becoming increasingly important, so when investing in windows and doors make sure they are BFRC rated. As with reducing energy bills, the better the energy rating the lower the carbon footprint of your home. At Custom Glaze our uPVC triple glazed window is A++ rated as standard (the highest rating possible).

Improve comfort in your home

Building regulations stipulate that replacement windows must be rated C or above and doors E or higher, except in historic properties and conservation areas. BFRC ratings do much more than comply with building regulations – they help you choose the right energy performance to make your home more comfortable to live in. Look out for windows with zero air leakage (like all our uPVC windows at Custom Glaze). Here at Custom Glaze our uPVC double glazed windows are A+ rated as standard (or A++ if triple glazed) giving you peace of mind that our installation will make your home warmer and free of draughts throughout the year.