Winkhaus blueMatic AV2-B AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Locking System – Locks automatically as soon as the door is closed!

Superbly engineered and manufactured in Germany the automatic AV2 mechanical lock operates as a slam secure lock as soon as the door is closed. This reduces the risk of a ‘followon’ attack or ‘tailgating‘ as it is sometimes known. Closing the door behind you as soon as you enter a dwelling gives instant full security and reduces the risk of anyone trying to enter immediately behind you.

Unlocking blueMatic AV2-B by Remote Control:
It has long been common place to lock and open car doors using encrypted remote control devices, which allows the car door to be unlocked from a distance. Now that technology is available for entrance doors in houses, flats and apartments!!

No key is required to lock or unlock the door!
The remote control device has a rolling code which means that it ‘scrambles’ every time it is used so that the signal cannot be intercepted.

Importantly the blueMatic AV2-B does not require any mains electricity supply but is operated by standard alkaline
AA batteries (4 required).

No Electrician or Access Control engineer is required for the installation.

The batteries last for up to 2 years or 10,000 cycles and are easily replaced in the battery case by any competent person.

blueMatic AV2-B is ideal for the elderly, infirm or partially sighted as it removes the need to locate the correct key on a key ring and then subsequently insert it into a lock cylinder. This is a particular problem in poor light conditions or if the occupier suffers from arthritis or other movement restrictions.

Auto Locking and Remote access control is provided without the need for expensive hard wiring or access control equipment. Up to 10 remote control units can be easily programmed for each door. For communal entrance doors mains powered blueMatic AV2-E WITHOUT deadbolt should always be fitted

When leaving the property blueMatic AV2-B automatically engages the locking hooks rendering the property secure from the outside. To regain entry the remote control should be pointed at the door (range up to a maximum of 10 metres with a clear sight line) which allows the handle to be pushed down, disengaging the hooks and centre latch to open the door.

The optional ‘snib switch’ enables the door to be left in a ‘Convenient mode’ externally. ‘Switching to green’ on the internal button allows for entrance into the property by simply pressing down the external handle. Its ideal when bringing in the shopping or loading the car. Simply ‘switch to black’ to re-engage full security where a fob will then have to be used to gain entrance. ‘Crash to exit’ from the inside is always enabled to facilitate emergency escape.

Worried about Euro cylinder attack? Bumping, Snapping and Picking? Although an optional double cylinder, or half cylinder on the inside can be used as an override, it is NOT necessary to lock or unlock the door.

Download the Brochure here.