With the ever increasing costs of moving home many people are choosing to stay and extend their existing property. However this can be a minefield if you are not fully conversant with planning rules, building regs, health and safety regs and the product and design options available.

Planning if you have ‘permitted development rights’ intact there are some projects you can undertake without planning permission. For single storey extensions you may usually project 4m on a detached property or 3m on a semi-detached or terraced property under permitted development provided the design is within certain parameters.

If you wish to project further you may be able to but some form of planning will be required. Either way getting the correct advice and selecting a competent company to undertake the work is vital. At Custom Glaze we offer a full design service (saving you the cost of architects), which can include planning applications, giving you the confidence that you will not have issues with local authorities or when selling your house.

Building Regulations Building regs are there to ensure extensions are built to the required minimum standards to be structurally sound and thermally efficient. Whereas planning is concerned with the footprint of an extension, building regulations are concerned with the carbon footprint of an extension.

Any solid roof extension, any conservatory that is open plan, or any structure with a floor space greater than 30 sq m requires full building regs. Again it is important to em ploy a competent contractor. At Custom Glaze many of our projects require full building regs, so we are more than capable of achieving the standards required to satisfy Building Control and give you peace of mind that upon completion your construction with be certified as building reg compliant.

Health and Safety Since April 2015 any residential building project is subject to the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM Regs). this means homeowners are ultimately responsible for any accidents which may occur on their property. however, if the homeowner appoints a competent person as the principle contractor, who follows the CDM regs, such as Custom Glaze, those responsibilities are borne by the company rather than the homeowner.

Design options for you to consider

Classic glass roof conservatories give an abundance of light and help to prevent the existing rooms from being too dark. in the past conservatories were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. these days, with the right product choices, they can be used all year around. thermally efficient, heat control glass can be specified in the roof, A+ rated sealed units can be specified and walls and bases can be insulated to help keep the room warm in the colder months.

At Custom Glaze all of our conservatories can be specified to give you a room you may use throughout the year. Another popular option is Orangeries which tend to have more brickwork (or aluminium columns) and either a flat roof area around a lantern Roof or with an internal ceiling pelmet and a full glass roof. these allow for lights to be fitted into the ceiling. Orangeries are great for open plan kitchen extensions, helping to make the kitchen the hub of the home and can give a real ‘wow’ factor.

At Custom Glaze we have a number of solutions and each one is designed and built to meet your own needs. Solid roofs or a combination of solid and glass are becoming more popular with our clients. these give the ultimate in insulation. they can replace existing conservatory roofs, often transforming the room from little more than a storage space to a beautiful, useable room.

At Custom Glaze we offer both the solid panel ‘livinroof’ and the’ UltraRoof’ tile effect systems which both conform with building regs. Whatever your requirements, after 38 years of improving homes in and around Milton Keynes, Custom Glaze offer a free design and quote service with no gimmicks or high pressure sales tactics and we commit to giving our best price first time every time.