Historical? Pre-War? Post-War? 60s/70s? Ultra modern? No, we’re not talking about you personally, we’re talking about your home!

The following statement really sums it up …

“Across history, buildings have been pushed, pulled, poured and stretched into all sorts of shapes and styles. Whether in response to new technologies, anticipation of the future or an interest in the past, architecture is a living reminder of our ever-shifting tastes and concerns.” (www.architecture.com)

We’re very fortunate in the UK that when it comes to historical homes, we have many fine examples that we can still visit and enjoy. Architectural styles that go back hundred of years – Palladianism, Jacobean, Tudor, Gothic and more – many of which are listed buildings to be preserved for future generations thanks to charitable organisations that take care of them for us.

However, it’s probably reasonable to say that the majority of us in the Milton Keynes and surrounding area are likely to live in a property that has been built more recently, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t influenced by some of these historical architectural features. For example, we can find thatched houses in the Woolstones that were constructed as recently as 1985 and in Bletchley there are modern houses featuring aspects of Tudor architecture. Of course our outlying villages are also full of lovely chocolate box cottages that go back many years.

Not only that, there are areas within the city that have been here long before the new city of Milton Keynes was even thought about. Towns like Stony Stratford and Wolverton for example, that have been absorbed into the city but which very importantly still retain the historical character of many of their buildings.

Given this diverse mix of property ages and styles it’s important that there is a choice when it comes to improving your home in terms of window and door styles and conservatories/extensions. We know at Custom Glaze that one style will definitely not fit all!

What is right for your home?

If your home is ‘mock’ Tudor, for example, you might want to enhance its look with a specific style of window in keeping with its character but with the benefits of modern window technologies. Or maybe you want a totally new look to create ‘old meets modern” which is fine but just take a moment to consider what the other properties around you look like. Will it be just a step too far or would it make a nice refreshing change from the sameness of other houses on your street? Same with a very modern looking house, do you want to add ‘historical style’ windows to create a look that is more traditional?


What about adding an extra room to your home? This is a big improvement with many benefits – more space and adding value to your property to name but a few. So again, take time to consider what style of room works best for you? This is where the different architectural styles on offer really can make all the difference. From the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian designs for the more ‘traditional’ type of home to the Livin’ Room design for the more modern house style, you can choose one that suits not only your property, but also your own tastes. Planning permission isn’t usually required for conservatories but there are some rules and regulations concerning size, so we can take care of the process for you if you wish.


Other considerations
It is likely to only affect a minority of home owners, but just bear in mind that for some very old and rare properties it may be that it is listed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. This means that there are extremely strict rules that the owner has to adhere to by law to ensure that the improvement is sympathetic to the character of the building and permission has to be sought before undertaking any work.

Restrictions aren’t just limited to individual buildings. Areas, such as Wolverton, are classed as ‘Conservation Areas’. This means that planning permission needs to be obtained before undertaking home improvements including replacing windows and doors. However, don’t despair if you need planning permission – Custom Glaze can take care of the planning process for you so taking the pressure off you!

All in all, there are few other places like Milton Keynes that showcases such a wide range of architectural ages and styles spanning hundreds of year’s right up until now and into the future. That’s why at Custom Glaze we always keep up to date with the latest in not only technologies, but in design and style so we can offer you the right product for your home.