Of course you wouldn’t, but that’s exactly what could be happening in your home if heat is being lost through old and ill-fitting windows and doors.

According to The Energy Trust www.energytrust.co.uk, depending on the type of property you have, you could save up to £160 every year by taking out those old rattly windows and replacing them with double glazing.

But it’s not just conserving energy that replacement windows offer you. Just think, nice watertight and draught-free windows that never need painting. No more balancing precariously on a ladder with paint tin and paintbrush in hand, or having the expense of getting someone to do it for you. All that’s needed is a wipe over with a damp cloth to keep them in tip-top condition. Same with replacement external doors, they are manufactured to help conserve energy as well as giving you peace of mind that your home is secure.

So now that we’re into Autumn and the colder winter months are just around the corner, this is a really good time to get your home into shape to handle whatever the good old British weather throws at us. To set the scene, just imagine sitting in your warm and cosy home, on a dark, wet and cold evening, with a satisfied look on your face that not only is your property well protected but you are as well.

But first, let’s just talk a bit about technical stuff (not too much as I want you to read on and you can find lots of information on our website at www.customglaze.co.uk)! Here’s one fairly common question we get asked. How is the thermal efficiency of double glazed windows measured? It’s a good and important question when you’re considering replacing windows as it’s a measure of what you’re getting for your money.

To answer the question. The thermal efficiency of glazing is measured using a specific standard. The important point to make is that you might have noticed that some companies charge extra if you want to have the most efficient glazing. Well, we don’t do that, at Custom Glaze we fit A+ energy rated windows as standard, it doesn’t cost you any more. Not only that, our windows are manufactured in such a way that a rating of A++ (the best) can be achieved which is usually reserved for triple glazing. The only extra thing that triple glazing offers is bulky hinges to hold the weight of the window, so not always the best look for your home!

So what about external doors? Well, if you see the curtains or blinds moving by your patio doors or hear the wind whistling through your front or back door, then that is the sound of £s disappearing! Most people these days opt for a composite door when replacing front or back doors. These doors look very much like a traditional wooden one but they come with all the benefits of high insulation, are maintenance free and most importantly, totally secure. Same with other external doors, our patio, french and bi-fold doors meet the exacting high standards of our other products, all you have to do is choose the style and colour that you like. You’ll be spoilt for choice, we can guarantee it!

Hopefully you’ve visited the links to our website to get more information on the technical side of our products, but there’s another very important factor to consider – how your home will look. If looks are everything then you won’t be disappointed with the choices we bring you. Frame styles, colours, glazing options, the list goes on. There’s no doubt your home will look very smart, if not the smartest, on your street!

As a family-run company, we understand that home improvements such as replacing windows and doors is an important financial decision to make given all the other demands on our finances these days. That’s why we put the quality of our products at the top of our list of priorities so you can be reassured that your investment will be a sound one. If you pop into our showroom you’ll be able to see first hand what we offer, but that’s not all, you’ll be able to try out the products yourself – no brochure or website can do this.

That said, you might be concerned that once we get you into the showroom that we’ll wear you down with sales patter or worse, lock you in until you sign! Well, that’s just not us. In fact so many of our previous customers come back to us because they like the way that we treat them with respect. We don’t go in for artificially inflating prices only to reduce them to dupe you into thinking you’ve got a great deal, we’ll give you our best price first time. In fact if you’ve visited our website you’ll have noticed the online estimator so you’ll have a pretty good ball park figure before you even meet us.

So for now, forget about sweeping up those Autumn leaves and dead heading the fading flowers and come in to see us, we can guarantee it’ll be warmer inside than out!